Time To Switch: Android to Windows Phone 8 / 8.1

I’ve been a long time user of Android since Gingerbread, It’s my companion for like, 4 years. But later on, I found myself getting bored on it. And my last android device, Lenovo P500, a mid-range phone failed to catch up with my need.

So there goes a search for an alternative, I wanted something new. So I risk taking chance on a Windows Phone. My first windows phone I bought just 3 months ago, was a Nokia Lumia 925. I bought it for around 18,000 pesos. I choose this device as my first WP8 as I wanted a phone with good enough specs. that can handle multimedia playback, productivity tool and a decent camera.

the switch

Apparently, it was easy enough to switch from Android to Windows Phone. WP provided an app called “Transfer my data”, to export your SMS and Pictures to your Windows Phone device.


For my google contacts, emails and calendar, I just added my google account to the “email+accounts” section. and it gracefully sync my data to my new Lumia.


Note: for those who are using their google calendar, I recommend to just switch on using the Live Calendar instead. The default WP8 calendar doesn’t allow “invites” when using a non-live account for the calendar.

I think that’s it for the switch. You may like to checkout the People Hub. It consolidate your Social Media account.


All major application is already available on Windows Phone 8. Uhm, Well, except for an official youtube application (apparently, some “corporate politics” happens between Microsoft and Google that prevent the availability of Youtube for WP8), but there’s alternatives available for it. WP8 users can just access the mobile version through the IE browser, or download the MetroTube.

Google Hangout isn’t available as well, but IM+ is available as an alternative.

For gaming apps, I’m not a mobile gamer (i have a Nintendo 3DS for my gaming needs), so it doesn’t bother me much, but some popular games like Clash Of Clan, isn’t available (yet) on WP8. You may just want to purchase an Android tablet if you really want to play those Android games exclusive games.

Below are the list of alternatives/windows app counter part of some Google services you may want to know:

Google Drive = OneDrive
Google Keep = OneNote (built-in)
Google Maps = Here Maps / Here Drive+
Google Now = Cortana (built-in to WP8.1)


The default camera app. was ok. but for those who wanted much more control, you can download the Nokia Camera app.


sample shot from my Lumia 925

So far..

I’ve been using my lumia 925 as my main device for 3 months and I think I will stay for good, it serves me pretty amazing. At first, I was in doubt, but the Windows Phone offers a fresh alternative to the already crowded Android and iOS. Glad I took the time to switch.

Pinoy Pick Up Lines for Android

Image“Pinoy Pick Up Lines” was created by WOWApps as a flagship application over the android market. Basically, it provides “pick-up lines” that guys can use to get the attention of some girls (or just anyone) :-D.  There is two source for the pick up lines, one was a fixed entries and the other came from its official twitter feed (@PinoyPickUp1). Pick-up lines entries can be shared via SMS and Facebook.

Magaling ka ba sa Algebra? Can you replace my x?
Sana ITIK ka nalang. Bakit? Para ikaw ang BIBI ko :)
 Anestisya ka ba? Bakit? Kasi di mo maramdaman na mahal kita
Ok, teaser’s over. go get “Pinoy Pick Up Lines” at the android market here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pinoypickup

Android Game Check: Little Empire

Little Empire is a FREE MMO for Android Platform published by Camel Games. The objective of the game is to be the strongest “little empire” on the game by defending your kingdom, conquering other players kingdom (becoming your slave) OR saving other players from being a slave.

The player adventure will start by choosing their hero that focuses on certain attributes.

  • Orc – a character focus on defense and Hit point, the attack attribute isn’t bad either. can go front-line.
  • Warrior – Melee fighter. has a high attack points, obviously should be in the front line.
  • Elf – a long range character. should be place behind the troops.

Graphic  – the visual for this game is very pleasing. Each in-game element on the game is rendered smoothly and has NDS-like feel to the game.

Welcome to my little empire! muwahahaha!

Audio – Audio is fine but very repetitive. There’s no character specific sounds or anything, just a background music for different scenario while viewing your empire or winning a battle.

Game play – For starting players, the game will provide enough resources to build an army, initially a footman and a troll. Player troops won’t die from a battle until level 6.

Barrack (left) - This is where you "train" your initial front liners Shooters Rage (center); for long range troops (archers and ninjas!) ; A cage (right) that contains a set of "hit list" (other players) that you can rush to exterminate! >:)

The players little empire depends on 3 things – Gold, Crystal and Mojos. Gold and Crystal can be generated on the empire mines – that will require some time, unless you will speed it up using Mojos. Mojos can be earned by winning battles, daily rewards, winning on “casino”, completing certain task, or buying it using your credit cards.

Heroes stat can be enhance by winning battles (more kills, more “honor” – stat points). Equipment can be also be use, but they eventually break, requiring fix.

Altar Of Heroes - this is where you can "dress up" your selected heroes to kick up his/her stat a notch.

My troops guarding my little empire, like a boss >:D - clicking "Auto" will place your troops at a suggested formation, very useful when you have a lot of character to place in the battle field.

This game stands out in terms of quality of graphics and game play under the Android platform. I won’t spoil any other game play to get you guys curious :p. If your into RPG genre, you can (and should!) download Little Empire for free at the Android market.

By the way, add me there! my username is “upstream;)

LG Optimus One 2.3 Gingerbread Update Screenshot and Instruction

LG (Philippines) finally rolled out Gingerbread update for LG Optimus One (P500). Updates will be via LG PC Suite.

Things to do before the update:

  • Back-up your phone’s important data. Update wont actually reformat the whole OS and you wont loose any file or application installed, but just to make sure you can recover your stuff if things goes wrong.
  • Obviously, you need an internet connection here. If your on broadband subscription, make sure your prepaid load will last for at least an hour or 2 if you are not subscribe to unlimited browsing
And here we go!

  1. On your phone. Set timeout to 30 minutes. It seems P500 PC Suite is disconnecting to phone when the screen turns off or locked.
  2. Connect your P500 to your PC/Laptop. Make sure to turn off “Mass Storage Only” option on your phone because the PC Suite need to access your phone.
  3. Run the LG PC Suite IV (or whatever latest version you have). If you don’t have it you can download it on LG Official website (http://goo.gl/Laiz8)
  4. Connect your phone
  5. Your phone information on the left side will appear. Click “Check Phone Update”
  6. A message will prompt that there is a new software update for P500. Of course, click Yes
  7. Follow the instruction of the Software Update Installer. During the update, it will download a USB Driver (25+ MB), and the actual 2.3 gingerbread update for the phone (160+ MB)
After the downloading, P500 will turn into “Emergency Mode” during the update. After a few minutes, it will automatically restart. Booting with the new Gingerbread update actually takes some few minutes at first so don’t worry. After the boot, you’ll be ask to enter some basic information like Date/Time and language to use. And finally, your P500 is now running Android 2.3 Gingerbread!
Here are some screenshot of my 2.3 update:
Here’s on of my Home screen (i’m using Go Launcher (Plate Theme), with Go Calendar Widget)
New, colorful icons

Arrow, or an indicator where are your cursor is located
For further information about the Android 2.3 Gingerbread click:

*disclaimer: use the instruction at your own risk!  :)

Cat Shit One – Episode 1

If you are into 3D animated films + military action, you’ll love this short film series. You won’t see any human here, all characters are animals. This animated film will have 12 episodes. But so far, only 1 episode was released.
Cat Shit One – Episode 1 is about two military cooperative from America (which was depicted as Rabbits) named Packy (the team leader) and Botasky (the sniper) whose mission is to retrieve three hostage from a group of middle eastern Camel terrorist. The animation was well made, and even if it’s about killings, you won’t see any blood in any gunfight scenes. Also, some elements in this film remind me the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 game, so expect a lot of action packed scenes!

Expense Manager For Android

Had to admit, when it comes to spending, I’m a sucker. I buy this; I buy that – A “typical” spending habit of a responsibility-free guy. But when the time come that I need to take over the responsibility of my father because of a sudden turn of event, I need to keep track and spend wisely to fully support my family.

So here comes Expense Manager for Android to the rescue. This application acts as a ledger for your spending and income.

My favourite features are the following:
  • Accounts
  • Currency selection
  • Categories
  • Charts
  • Widget (very handy for this type of application)

To show an example, here’s a screenshot of a chart that displays how much I spend on certain categories (the ‘others’ are my unaccounted, because I lost track of my spending during the last few days).

And oh, one more thing. It’s free :)
You can download and view the full details of Expense Manager for Android here.

CRUD for VB 2008 using SQL 2008 R2 Database

I have a friend who was studying .NET last month. So i decided to create a quick project for her. it’s an address book application that demonstration basic database operation (CRUD – Create, Read, Update, Delete) by using stored procedures.

The U.I

The project was made using Visual Studio 2008 (i think you can use an Express Edition by downloading it here) and SQL Server 2008 R2 database.

Here’s the download link:

http://1drv.ms/WXfh7H (reuploaded)