New On Investment

Last February, i signed up for COL financial  Stock Investment Starter Plan.

I think it was cool to see your money do the work. I wish i could have done this earlier. The first stock i bought was PF, ANI, and PHILWEB. I got my first dividend from Phil web worth 20 pesos. haha.

I’ll continue this moving forward. I’m planning to study more about stock market so i could fully understand what i’m doing on this. LOL.

Garden Of Words

a day before my birthday, i decided to take a leave to just relax and ponders the things that i would like to embark on my 28th year. to relax early this morning, i took time to watch this anime movie, Garden Of Words – it’s a feel good movie about a teen who has a thing for shoe designing and later met a someone that will inspire him on his craft. The plot was similar to a romatic movie, but with a light feel to it. Animation wise, it was fascinating. i haven’t really watch any other anime movie with a great visual like this one. I just wish the story could have been much better to equate the later.

Here’s a trailer if you guys are interested:

The Edsa-Ayala Commuter’s daily struggles

Every day, hundreds of commuters living in southern part (Pacita, Alabang, FTI, Cavite, etc.) needs to take a bus in Edsa-Ayala. Problem is, during rush hour, the bus stop are flooded with commuters that overflows the line that should organized them. Wanting to hook up a ride ASAP, almost everyone’s waiting at the front of the bus stop where the bus should enter.


Then once a bus goes through – commuters pushed each other just to take a spot on the bus! it’s almost like a fistfight just to go home. It usually took me at least 1-2 hours to successfully get into a bus when the situation is like this.

I rarely see traffic enforcers to control this. Almost no action at all to control this situation.

What I did was last week, i reported this to the official facebook page of MMDA, the government agency responsible for maintaining traffic order here. And here is their response:


I haven’t been to Edsa-Ayala this week  to see if it improves. but i hope they mean what they have said in their response.

Cat Shit One – Episode 1

If you are into 3D animated films + military action, you’ll love this short film series. You won’t see any human here, all characters are animals. This animated film will have 12 episodes. But so far, only 1 episode was released.
Cat Shit One – Episode 1 is about two military cooperative from America (which was depicted as Rabbits) named Packy (the team leader) and Botasky (the sniper) whose mission is to retrieve three hostage from a group of middle eastern Camel terrorist. The animation was well made, and even if it’s about killings, you won’t see any blood in any gunfight scenes. Also, some elements in this film remind me the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 game, so expect a lot of action packed scenes!